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Second piano trio in collaboration with Longleash. Premiered at the FUAIM concert series at University College Cork.

The piece is similar in structure to “d’amore^2”, it expands upon sequences and figuration from Bach’s E Major partita and explores the sonic possiblities of quarter tone chromatic and just intoned tuning systems.

Below are some links to download the score. If you do so, please make a contribution via the sponsor link. I suggest something around €15, or whatever you can afford. If you’re a student and would like to perform the music as part of a concert in an academic context, then don’t worry so much about transfering a full amount. Take a discount, read a book.

If you intend to give a public performance, the copyright is licenced through the AKM in Austria. If you would like a modified version of this piece, for a different instrumental setting, please get in touch via email.

Download PDF score